Best AC PG for boys in Faridabad

Best AC PG for boys in Faridabad

Best AC PG for boys in Faridabad

We provide Best AC PG for boys in Faridabad. Every PG does not provide AC facilities in Faridabad but we are providing AC service. And we are near the National Highway and metro station. You can avail the benefit. Faridabad is a very good locality and best AC PG for boys in Faridabad. This area is a pollution free area. All basic comfort like markets, hospitals, schools, colleges, and Shopping mall are available nearby you as well as Faridabad railway Station and the metro station is just walking distance. We are offering more services, You can check another blog also.


We consider our guest to be God and firstly welcome them. And then we try to provide better service to them, about whom I will explain. We give all facilities to our guest and provide AC room services. And then we give a boxed bed with a clean bed sheet & pillow, cool mineral water, TV for the entertainment, and we served fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner, two times of coffee for our guest. Washing clothes is a very big problem when we away from our home. We are very careful about the clothes. So that we provide the washing machine with the best quality washing powder. We take care of the atmosphere for student guest. And doctors also available for an emergency.


The protection is a major care for every inhabitant and their family. We keep a record of every guest, about photo Identity card with the address. Two security guard is available for day and night. CCTV security is also available. No one outsider can’t get the entry in our PG.

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